WinMGM 2

WinMGM is a molecular graphism program. It allow to display and manipulate one or more molecules. You can add ribbons, solvent accessible surface, hydrophobic/electrostatic/custom isopotentials..., use various display modes. A full screen mode, faster, is also available (don't say that rendering is slow if you work only in windowed mode!).

    A separate command line program, optimgm2, allow to do energy optimisation (Monte-Carlo, systematic analysis, simplex) and peptide construction.

If you need help, have a problem, or want to propose new features, you can contact me by e-mail at

WinMGM 2 is free for personal use, non-profit organisation, students, altough you can always give me a little money to encourage me in the developments. For universities, please pay 50 USD per software installed. For business use, please pay 100 USD per software installed.

You can send me a cheque: Mehdi Rahman, 54 rue de Straal, B-4450, Slins, Belgium.