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High Quality Molecular Modeling and Vizualization on Your Desktop. WebLab ViewerPro software tool that allows you to constpuct three dimension graphical models of moleculaes, and proteins. You can visualize molecul structures, compute molecular geometries, analyze structural features, create stunning reports, web, pages, and presentations.

WebLab Viewer 2.0 including:

WebLab Viewer 2.0 runs on Windows 95, NT and PowerMacintosh platforms.

WebLab ViewerPro 3.1 for Windows 95/NT. This version of MSI's 3D molecular visualization and communication software includes:

WebLab ViewerPro 3.2
Here is a list of some of the features new in version 3.2:

The implementation of OLE automation and the enhanced scripting capabilities has greatly improved the ViewerPro's usefulness. The new Data Table has also been well received as a significant enhancement to usability.

WebLab ViewerPro 3.5. Features added to this new version include hardware stereo support for enhanced 3D visualization, molecular superimposition, a structure monitor for displaying under/over valanced atoms, a command processor for entering ViewerPro script commands from the interface.

Usability enhancements include a measure button for quickly measuring distances, angles, dihedrals. Objects definition have been added to PDB, MSF (Quanta), MSI, and CAR file importers for defining backbone, side chain, Hydrophobic, hydrophilic, acid, and basic groups. Numerous improvements to file importers and usability features have also been added.

WebLab ViewerPro 4.2. Version 4.2 is available as an upgrade, free of charge, to all licensed WebLab ViewerPro 4.0 users. Users of any 3.X version of the WebLab ViewerPro can purchase a version 4.2 upgrade. For more information please visit the ViewerPro 4.2 upgrade home page.

Enhancements in this new version include an mmCIF file importer; improved PDB and MSV file reading speed; improved VRML, QUANTA, and SMILES file handling; support for PNG file export.

For more information about the 4.2 upgrade and Accelrys' Viewer products, please visit Accelrys' Viewer web site.