MestRe-C (Magnetic Resonance Companion)
for processing NMR data

We are pleased to introduce MestRe-C 1.0 (Magnetic Resonance Companion) for WINDOWS95, our (freeware) program, for processing NMR data. MestRe-C processes and analyzes 1D FID's and spectra from Bruker and Varian instruments (it can also import NUTS files). It implements several filters and Fourier transforms, phase and baseline corrections, integrations, peak picking, etc.

Further information about the program can be found in our home page:

Please send your suggestions for improvements, comments and bug reports to: F. Javier Sardina

We are currently working on a version capable of processing 2D spectra and import data from other instruments. Any help with this task will be greatly appreciated.

What's new in MestRe-C 1.2.1

What's new in MestRe-C 1.3

MestRe-C 1.5 new features are:

MestRe-C can be downloaded from the following anonymous ftp repositories:

F. Javier Sardina
Departamento de Quimica Organica
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela