The Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry (EJTC)

I am writing to invite you to participate in a revolution in scientific publishing. As costs for paper, ink, and postage increase for printed journals, the declining cost and increasing availability of internet access make electronic journals based on the world-wide web (WWW) a viable proposition. The Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry (EJTC) is at the forefront of this exciting new area.

EJTC follows full peer-review standards for all submissions, combining high scientific standards with the speed and flexibility of electronic publishing. Approved papers are published continually throughout the year, immediately upon recommendation of the reviewers, and full author- and keyword-search facilities allow the reader to quickly locate important information. Another exciting feature is the fact that the electronic format of EJTC allows the inclusion of color illustrations with no surcharge (unlike the majority of print journals) and also allows the inclusion of animations and rotatable 3D structures. Subscribers can choose to be alerted (or not) via e-mail upon the publication of new articles at the EJTC web site. At the end of each calendar year, subscribers receive a CD- ROM containing all of that year's published papers. EJTC is also abstracted and indexed by all leading research alert services and citation indices, and its logical page- formatting allows it to be abstracted and cited in precisely the same way as a print journal.

EJTC is now accepting high-quality original submissions. Your manuscript will receive immediate, full consideration, and I would like to invite you to submit a paper for inclusion in EJTC.

Dr. Jerzy Leszczynski
North American Editor