Gas chromatography - olfactometry (GCO) of natural products.


The Flavornet contains a compilations of aroma compounds sorted by their chromatographic and sensory properties. Except for indexing standards the data have been taken from published research using GCO. They are listed here in decreasing retention indices, by both Kovats n-paraffin and ethyl ester index, on four different substrates. To qualify for the Flavornet an odorant must have been detected in a natural product or real environment by some form of quantitative GCO method e.g. Aroma Extraction Dilution Analysis (AEDA), CharmAnalysis TM, Osme, etc. Therefore, the Flavonet lists only those volatiles that humans have evolved to use in their chemical ecology.

Once on the list, missing data about an odorant will be filled in with estimates (shown in blue) until data from experimental measurements are available. In the future, when a paper is published reporting new GCO based data it will be used to replace the non-GCO data. In every case data from the first report of a GCO detection will be used unless a more accurate report is subsequently made then the new data will be included along with the original. At this stage in the development of the data base, extreme accuracy is not as compelling to us as finding missing data and excluding compounds that have not been detected by GCO in environmental or food systems.

If you would like to add to this data base contact Terry Acree with the citation where the data is published or if the source is difficult to obtain send a copy of the paper to:

Terry E. Acree
Cornell University
NYSAES, Geneva, NY 14456, USA